DO NOT TELL NOAH!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Sunday November 27, 2022.

Time: Arrive by 12:15 sharp.

Location: 400 E 9th St, Kansas City, MO 64106.

Courtroom: Judge Stephen Bough

Dress: Scouts in Class-A. Others, business casual (but comfortable).

Parking: Should be street parking avail (and free) b/c it’s Sunday.

Duration: Hard to tell. Should be over by about 2:30-3:00. Lots of vaiables.

Items to not bring in: knives, guns, etc. It’s a federal building.

Please do three things:

(1) Sign up via the Remind app at so that we can send updates.

(2) Complete this two-question form so we can track attendance:

(3) See details below.

The above are details for Noah’s surprise ceremony to commemorate his earning Eagle Scout. This will be a very different ceremony that normal Courts of Honor.

Noah will be put on trial to confirm that he is worthy. It will take place in an actual court room at the downtown Charles E. Whitaker Federal Courthouse building. You must arrive by 12:30 to PM to avoid giving away the surprise.

If you are not a Scout or overly familiar with Scouting, this is the biggest honor a Scout can attain. There are only 75 seats available. This will be an elaborate ceremony hosted by an actual sitting federal judge, attended by a Missouri legislature representative, with the presentation of a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol building. Do not blow it off.

If you have been invited, it is because you are important to Noah. If you cannot make it, please let Jesse know ASAP (816-588-7602). (But it is totally fine to bring spouses and families.)

Here is a picture of the front of the Courthouse and the doors that you’ll enter: