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Eight days have lapsed since I had my tonsils removed last Tuesday. This latter part of the recovery has actually been a little worse than the beginning. Going in to the surgery, I had read that it was pretty bad, and my doctor said that it would be a nine-day recovery. Yikes. To prepare, I bought a 3L Camelbak , and hung it from a ladder near my bed.

The surgery went pretty well. It was a little frustrating because my natural inquisitive nature was perceived as anxiety, and they kept giving me different varieties of sedatives of the happy kind. The last of these painted an irremovable smirk on my face. I was both aware of the smirk and frustrated that I could not convey that I was frustrated that I could not remove the smirk. After about 3 hours, I was home in bed.

The Camelbak worked very well. You cannot use a straw, nor perform any sort of sucking, but with the pack elevated above my head, all I had to do was gently bite down on the tip, and in came nice, cool water. I drank about 1 day. The whole ice-cream thing was a little over played. I actually did not eat that much ice cream. I did have some the second day. But by day 3 and 4, I could do warm biscuits with jelly and definitely mashed potatoes.. Talking has been a little tough. There are many who are grateful for this.


We just finished Thanksgiving weekend. On Thursday, we went to my brother Carl’s house. He used to be a chef, so dinners, let alone Thanksgiving dinners don’t disappoint. He fried a turkey, had chick lasagna, and offered too many sides to list. For desert, there was cheesecake, chocolate cake, some sort of brownie cake that my sister made (my favorite), cherry pie, and more. A big announcement was made, but it may be under wraps, so I’m holding off announcing it here.

We did a little online black-Friday shopping, and then headed to Springfield to see Robin’s side of the family. On the way down, we listened to a pretty good account of the origin of the Thanksgiving Holiday by Barbara Rainey ("A Time to Remember" I think). William Bradford and others offered thanks to God for providing for them in many ways. Indeed, God is good.

I caught a little of the LSU vs. Arkansas game. Yikes, no.1 loses to unranked Arkansas. I also watched my first full-length football game of the year: MU played KU at Arrowhead; and after LSU lost, they were ranked no. 2 and no. 1. My alma mater pulled it off, and now MU heads to San Antonio to play Oklahoma. Wow. This is the most sports talk that I’ve even written.

We got our tree up, and are gearing up the most wonderful time of the year. Joseph is 4, and is super easy to by for. Noah is 2, and is a little tougher. This is going to be a good one. ? is around, but won’t be breathing air until April 1st.  They are wonderful, and are definitely an inheritance from the Lord for sure.