Welcome to our website, the Camachos of Kansas City, MO (Jesse, Robin, Joseph, Noah, William, and Mariel?).  Use the links above and to the right to navigate around.  You can leave comments on any page except for this one.  The two most popular pages are Pictures and Videos. Because many people have asked, here are links to gift lists for the kids.  Click below to bring up their Amazon lists.  We also jotted down some general likes in case you want to think up something on your own.

  • Jesse’s List
  • Robin’s List
  • Joseph’s List  (likes origami, electronics, remote-control stuff, hats, soccer, baseball, science experiments, magic, flashlights).
  • Noah’s List  (likes “Dr. Who” stuff, human anatomy, mad-science stuff, songs, light-up stuff).
  • William’s List  (likes Minecraft stuff, Xbox points so we can download–not DVD– games, lasers).
  • Mariel’s List  (likes princesses everything, coloring books, etc.).

If you’d like to reach us directly, you can contact us.

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